Bura Bistro: The No.1 Wine stop in Dubrovnik

Why Bura's wine list is one of the finest you'll find in Dubrovnik

Recently, we caught up with Ines and Marin Nanić, the dynamic duo behind the popular Bura Bistro in the Old Town. Our curiosity was triggered by their impressive wine list, which is unlike any other in town. As passionate wine lovers and connoisseurs, Ines and Marin have curated a fine selection that showcases their expertise and refined taste. Having known the couple personally, we were confident that their takeover of the place would be nothing short of amazing. And we were right! From their bold and delicious tapas to their unique and quaint wines, and top-notch cocktails, Bura Bistro impressed us beyond all of our expectations.

Here’s what Ines and Marin had to say about their wine list

Bura Bistro’s wine list

Our wine list is very much up to date; we change it regularly, not only seasonally, so if you come twice in one week it is likely we’ll have something new in store for you. In addition to this, we really make sure that wines that need to be fresh are fresh, and the ones that need to be aged are aged. We don’t serve leftovers from anyone’s vintages just because the price is better. We are huge wine lovers, and we would never serve you something we wouldn’t drink ourselves, with outmost respect to each and every bottle.

Affection towards orange wines

We likely have the most options when it comes to orange wines! We are into organic and natural, not just filtered-inclusive wines! That’s why our list of wines with long(er) maceration is quite impressive, in pretty much everyone’s standards. And if you don’t know what orange wines are and how they’re made, visit us and we’ll teach you all about it! That’s a whole new world of wines, which is actually the oldest world of wines!

Local sorts and international character

We don’t serve mainstream wines nor wines you can buy in retail! If you ask us, this is one of the things we take pride in the most. If you can buy it in a street kiosk, it’s not for us and our precious guests! We serve wines of local sorts and international character. Wines that are quaint but known to the palette, with a local twist.

We hope this little insight into wine-belief system of Bura bistro’s owners intrigued you to visit this cool place and try some of the wines from a list that they take great pride in curating. Marin is also available for guided wine tastings, so if you would like to learn more about the wines you drink, be sure to contact them prior and make a reservation for an extraordinary wine-tasting experience at Bura Bistro.

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