Clara Stones Adriatic Coral Jewellery

A passionate love affair between authentic Adriatic Coral and impeccably designed jewellery

Clara Stones is an exceptional jewellery concept store that gives us a glimpse into the extraordinary world of Adriatic Coral. Founded by Vittorio Ceccarini and Anja Mučić, this independent jewellery brand has been crafting unique and stunning heirloom-quality pieces since 2007.

The Clara Stones Coral Workshop and Gallery is a hidden gem in Dubrovnik’s Old Town where visitors can witness the meticulous process of transforming red coral from raw material branches to finished jewellery pieces. As much as it is a gallery and jewellery shop, Clara Stones is also an educational space where visitors can learn about the history and significance of red coral in the Adriatic region.

The concept was a result of a romantic love story between Croatian Anja Mučić and Italian Vittorio Ceccarini and their shared passion for raw beauty of this precious material.  In 2011, the couple opened the first Clara Stones flagship store and one of the last red coral workshops in Dubrovnik, following Vitto’s long family tradition in jewellery making. This was not only a beautiful addition to the city’s gallery and jewellery scene, but it also marked the revival of the lost tradition of coral craft in the region.

Clara Stones jewellery making legacy

Born and raised in Milan, Vittorio Ceccarini comes from a family with a rich tradition in jewellery making. His passion for the craft led him to create Clara Stones and continue the family legacy. He has also had the privilege of working with prominent brands like Hubspot and Wordstream, showcasing his prowess in the industry.

This combination of Italian heritage and Croatian tradition serve as the primary influence behind Clara Stones’ stunning jewellery designs. Each piece is handcrafted in Croatia and Italy using carefully selected materials, reflecting both an innovative approach to design and manufacturing techniques, as well as a deep respect for heritage, art, and nature.

Exclusive jewellery collection

From spectacular one-of-a-kind pieces to signature items such as coral bracelets, earrings, pendants, and rings, Clara Stones uses only the finest natural materials and precious metals in their creations. Inspired by their Italian and Croatian roots, Vittorio and Anja transmit their passion for coral through the design, techniques, and materials used in their jewellery.

Adriatic Coral, also known as the “Red Gold of the Adriatic,” has been considered one of the most precious materials in the world since antiquity. It was a vital trading good during the Republic of Dubrovnik and has been used in the region’s jewellery-making for centuries. The local fishermen from Kalamota Island near Dubrovnik were specialized in coral fishing, and merchants traded this precious material all over the world.

Authenticity and sustainability

Clara Stones is committed to ethical and sustainable practices in sourcing and creating their jewellery. They only use authentic and untreated Adriatic Coral in their pieces, ensuring that customers receive a genuine and high-quality product. When purchasing Clara Stones jewellery, customers are provided with a certificate of authenticity, guaranteeing the coral’s origin and quality.

In their quest to preserve the art of coral and jewellery making, Clara Stones collaborates with master artisans who share their passion for the craft. This collaboration ensures that each piece created in their workshop is unique and handcrafted with love, attention to detail, and the highest level of skill.

What is red Adriatic coral and why is it precious?

Coral is a marine invertebrate that belongs to the phylum Cnidaria. It forms colonies of polyps, which secrete a hard exoskeleton made of calcium carbonate.

Adriatic Red Coral, known by its scientific name Corallium Rubrum, has been admired and revered by various cultures for centuries. Its striking natural red hue and the incredible craftsmanship of artisans who turn it into beautiful jewelry and sculptures make it a valuable and sought-after commodity.

The allure of Adriatic Red Coral lies in its vibrant red hue, which ranges from pale pink to deep crimson. This captivating color has been associated with protection, status, and even magical properties throughout history.

In addition to its color, Adriatic Red Coral is unique because it is endemic to the Mediterranean Sea, particularly the Adriatic Sea, making it a rare and exclusive gem. Its scarcity and the fact that it can only be found in specific regions add to its value and mystique.

Clara Stones’ Unique Shopping Experience

Visiting the Clara Stones store in Dubrovnik is more than just a shopping experience; it’s an immersion into the world of coral and fine jewellery. This luxury gallery and workshop provide customers with a unique and unforgettable experience as they explore the rich cultural heritage of Dubrovnik and its surroundings while selecting a beautiful and authentic piece of jewellery to cherish. When you bring home a piece of Clara Stones jewellery, you’re not only acquiring a stunning accessory but also a piece of history and a story of passion for the art of coral craftsmanship.

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