The Story of Peppino’s

The best gelato in Dubrovnik!

Summer in Dubrovnik is incomplete without a visit to Peppino’s, the ultimate gelato destination. They are known for serving the creamiest highest quality gelatos in the city, with a wide range of popular and slightly exotic flavours, so it’s guaranteed that everyone will find something to love.

Peppino’s gelato is made old-school style, creamy, and full of taste. The shop serves all the classic flavours, along with modern fruit and nut combinations, plus a range of fruit sorbets that are equally delicious and less heavy on the stomach. Plant based folks will be delighted to hear that all of Peppino’s sorbets are vegan.

If you cannot decide what you want, let us push you a little bit in the right direction, Carob&fig+Coffee is a match made in heaven, Toffee Hazelnut+Pistachio will have your mouth bursting with flavour, and for hot summer nights, the best choice is Mango Sorbet, oh yeah, refreshing and tangy, we can’t get enough of it!

Peppino’s Finest

They also offer convenient jars of ice-cold, soft artisanal gelato, available at their scoop shops to take with you popularly known as Peppino’s Finest. These jars come in three of the finest flavours – coconut dream, pistachio delight, and hazelnut heaven, with no artificial colourings.

If you’re wondering what makes gelato so special, visit Peppino’s to learn about the difference between gelato and ice cream. This small and charming Dubrovnik gelateria has quickly become a beloved hotspot for all gelato lovers. Whether you want to enjoy a walk while indulging in a cone or take some great gelato home, Peppino’s has you covered.

With two locations in town, Peppino’s Gelato Factory and Peppino’s Gelato Garden,  hundreds of reviews, and crowds pilling onto the street even before the stores open, Peppino’s is definitely the most popular gelateria in Dubrovnik. And it’s not just pretty talk and marketing; it really is the best gelato in town. If you talk to locals, they will tell you Peppino’s is not just gelateria; it’s a lifestyle, it’s Dolce far niente, it’s what you need for you relaxed Dubrovnik vacation! And please, don’t skip on that sugar or waffle cone, it’s de-li-cious!

Ps: Did we mention kids ADORE their gelato?! 🙂

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