The Frano Miloš Family

Pelješac renowned wine and olive oil makers

The picturesque Pelješac Peninsula is home to a family that has been paving the way for many others in the region when it comes to producing top-notch wines and olive oil. Meet Frano Miloš, a person of many passions, with a constant incantation with the landscape in which he was born and raised.

Photo Credit: Slobodna Dalmacija

Living in an old traditional Dalmatian house that his family built nearly 700 years ago in the charming village of Ponikve, Mr. Miloš is the proud inheritor of his family’s love and devotion for wine. He speaks poetically about the old generations from whom he learned the most about wine and olive oil making, describing them as honourable family people who respected their homesteads and were raised with a strong sense of connection to their land. They nourished it and treated it with care and understanding, and that knowledge and respect have been passed down through generations to Mr. Miloš and now he is passing it on to his sons Ivan and Josip.

The tastes and flavours of Frano Miloš’s childhood have haunted him throughout his life, and he longed to experience them again because he considered them the most genuine of all. About 20 years ago, he achieved that through his wine and olive oil-making, aiming to create something that reminded him of his childhood, something emotional, and something so flavourful that left no one indifferent.

Now, Miloš’s wines are featured on wine lists of every serious restaurant in the region and many abroad. They are famous for their specific character, for the obvious passion of their creator, and for numerous flavours in which one can sense the true Pelješac terroir. The uncompromising sun, the humid warmth, the unpredictable rainfall, the dry soil, and the karst rocks all contribute to the unique taste of the wine.

Mr. Miloš says that adapting to these conditions enables a person to understand much better the whole process of creating wine. His artistic nature is perfectly reflected in everything he does, from Stagnum and Plavac, their most famous wines, to their extra virgin olive oil, which they makes from handpicked olives from trees growing in the close vicinity of his vineyard.

Their olive oil has become a world-class brand, for which Miloš family received a gold award at an International Olive Oil competition in New York twice. Mr. Miloš strongly believes that it’s hard to understand the concept of enogastronomy without being completely emerged in the surroundings and local traditions.

They have big dreams for the future, and strongly feel that there is a great potential for authentic high-quality production in the Dalmatian region. Frano Miloš’s passion for the land and its traditions shines through in every bottle of wine and every drop of olive oil that they produce.

Miloš family stayed true to their roots and family’s traditions. Through Mr. Miloš’s passion for wine and olive oil making, that he successfully passed on, he has created a legacy that will live on for generations to come.

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