Best Dubrovnik Shops for an Exceptional Shopping Experience

Unveiling the best shops in dubrovnik for unique gifts, souvenirs, and quality Items

Dubrovnik is a perfect place to enjoy some summer shopping, with an abundance of options that cater to everyone’s tastes. From trendy fashion brands to arts and crafts, from designer jewellery pieces to traditional delicacies, options are numerous. To help you navigate the endless choices, we’ve handpicked four unique stores that offer top-notch items that capture the essence of Dubrovnik and will cover you whether you’re searching for a beautiful gift for your loved ones or a keepsake to remind you of your vacation in Dubrovnik.


Lost in Dubrovnik blog shopping Best Dubrovnik shops Life according to Kawa

Life according to Kawa Croatian design store

Kawa is not your average shop. It’s an exceptional Croatian design concept store, the only one of its kind in Dubrovnik. If you’re a fan of unique finds, then Kawa is a must-visit destination. This exclusive store is owned and managed by Jon and Sanja Kawaguchi, a Croatian-Canadian couple with a mission to provide their customers with the best of Croatian design items, souvenirs, fashion, delicacies, and books. Kawa also boasts a secret food room called the 8th Continent Co. It began as a trial pop-up of popular international food brands that couldn’t be found anywhere else in the city. The Kawaguchi’s were so thrilled with the response that they decided to make the 8th Continent Co. a permanent feature. So whether you’re in the mood for wasabi peas, green tea Mochi, high-quality ingredients for a sushi party, or simply want to snack on some jolly ranchers, Kawa’s secret food room is your no.1 food stop in Dubrovnik.

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ClaraStones022 03 Feast of the Senses scale 2

Clara Stones Adriatic coral jewellery

Clara Stones’ name is a synonym for exceptional jewellery pieces that exude elegance and sophistication. You can experience this extraordinary world of Adriatic Coral jewellery through Clara Stones brand and its founders Vittorio and Anja’s love and passion for this precious material. Clara Stones has been crafting exquisite and unique heirloom-quality pieces since 2007. In addition they feature one of the last Red Adriatic Coral Workshop and Gallery that offers visitors a chance to witness the meticulous transformation process of raw coral branches into stunning jewellery pieces. They also educate visitors about the history and importance of red coral in the Adriatic region. Clara Stones crafts ethical and sustainable jewellery, using only pure Adriatic Coral. Customers receive a certificate of authenticity, guaranteeing the coral’s origin and quality. Collaborating with master artisans, each piece in their store is unique, handcrafted with love, attention to detail, and the highest level of skill to preserve the art of coral and jewellery making.

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Lost in Dubrovnik blog shopping Dubrovacka kuca 03

Dubrovačka Kuća traditional souvenir and delicacies shop

Experience the true essence of Dubrovnik’s culture at Dubrovačka Kuća – a family-owned and operated souvenir shop nestled in the middle-ages tower of St. Dominic. This unique store offers a wide range of authentic Croatian arts, crafts, and delicacies that are sure to impress all. Dubrovačka Kuća houses two floors of beautifully handcrafted souvenirs, handmade jewellery, traditional delicacies, and other artisan products, all made with the utmost care and dedication. The shop features the works of various Croatian artists, with a focus on those from Dubrovnik. The warm hospitality and mouth-watering delicacies offered by the owners, Lucija and her daughter Dora, make you feel right at home. Not only are the products beautiful and special, but they also support the local community and preserve Dubrovnik’s rich cultural heritage. If you’re on the lookout for meaningful and representative souvenirs, arts, and crafts that reflect Dubrovnik’s history and culture, Dubrovačka Kuća is the perfect destination.

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Lost in Dubrovnik Shopping Game of Thrones 12

Game of Thrones official memorabilia shop

Welcome to King’s Landing, the fictional city of Game of Thrones brought to life in Dubrovnik! If you’re a fan of the show, you can’t miss the unique Game of Thrones fan shop, located in Boškovićeva 7 where you’ll find a wide range of licensed merchandise, including t-shirts, figures, cups, and other memorabilia. But, what sets it apart is the massive IRON THRONE. Take a photo of yourself on the throne as a complimentary gift with a purchase or pay to have your picture taken. Even if you’re not a fan, this shop is a must-see when in Dubrovnik. Head to their store in Boškovićeva 4 for the Dragon’s cave, another exciting stop for all the fans. Reward yourself and your loved ones with something unique and special from this one-of-a-kind shop that brings the fantasy world of Game of Thrones to life!

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Lost in dubrovnik shopping gallery Namfleg Jewellery17

Namfleg silver and enamel jewellery

Namfleg jewellery is a captivating tale of the intricate dance between sterling silver and fiery enamel. Inspired by the legacy of Carl Faberge, each piece in their collection is meticulously handcrafted using the time-honoured technique of cloisonné enamel. Echoing the artistry of ancient Egyptian and Byzantine artisans, Namfleg’s skilled craftsmen pour their heart and soul into every creation. The result? A collection of exquisite jewellery that is as unique as it is stunning. Once reserved for the elite, these enamel treasures are now accessible to all, allowing you to adorn yourself with a touch of luxury.

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Lost in dubrovnik shopping House of Nature gallery 11

The House of Nature natural cosmetics store

The House of Nature is an organic cosmetics store that takes you on an extraordinary sensory journey, immersing you in the captivating aromas of their handmade olive oil-based creams and healing remedies. Using only the finest organic ingredients and herbs from the family farm, the owner Ana has crafted authentic, original recipes that embody a profound passion for nature and its power to nourish and heal. Not only do House of Nature’s products exude exceptional quality, but they also offer numerous benefits for your skin. Clients from all corners of the globe have recognized these virtues, returning time and time again to replenish their collection of natural skincare essentials.

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Lost in Dubrovnik shopping Souvenir Shop Dubrovniks cats

Dubrovnik’s Cats handmade souvenirs concept store 

Dubrovnik’s Cats is the ultimate store for unique souvenirs crafted by talented local artisans. Inspired by the magnificent cats of Dubrovnik, each product is truly one-of-a-kind. Explore their wide range of hand-made treasures, each with its own captivating story and design and discover in a fun way the world of city’s cats and why owning a souvenir inspired by them is a must. Every purchase supports local craftsmen and the growth of the craft industry, so this is another plus for those looking to support the local community.

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Lost in Dubrovnik shopping Maria Store (11)

Maria luxury fashion store

Situated in the 15th century Dominican monastery at the entrance to the Old Town from Ploče Maria concept store offers the best of the best in contemporary fashion for women. Carefully selected edit of the world’s most prestigious designer brands brings together pret-a-porter and accessories collections that will satisfy the needs of every true fashion lover.

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lost in dubrovnik shopping mala butiga 02

Mala Butiga authentic Croatian wine & food store

Mala Butiga specializes mostly in authentic and high-quality wines, including both well-known regional varieties and hidden-gem wines. With over 150 different kinds to choose from, there is something for everyone’s taste. They also have a variety of savour and sweet delicacies available, such as the highest quality olive oils, artisan cheeses, local prosciutto, and various refreshments. This makes it a perfect place to find a gift for a wine enthusiast or to indulge in some delicious treats yourself while in Dubrovnik. Whether you’re looking for a special bottle of wine or unique food items, Mala Butiga is the place to go.

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