Pelješac wine story

Pelješac wines are true masterpieces that capture the essence of sun, sea, soil and hard work

The Pelješac peninsula is where you want to be if you’re a wine lover. Its unique terroir, warm climate, and proximity to the Adriatic Sea make it a perfect location for growing grapes. Pelješac winemakers have been mastering the art of wine production for centuries, and their passion and dedication are evident in every bottle. Pelješac wineries have been recognized around the world for producing some of the finest wines and introducing Croatia’s unique terroir and winemaking cultures to wine enthusiasts all around the globe. 

This mountainous peninsula on the Dalmatian coast with rocky soil, hot summers, and cool winters is a perfect environment for growing grapes. With huge vineyards stretching across the whole peninsula, it comes as no surprise that wine tourism is growing and wineries are working hard to get wine connoisseurs well acquainted with the richness and distinctiveness of Pelješac wines.

Since Pelješac wines are produced in a specific microclimate, they have a particular signature scent and flavour that are highly regarded within the wine community. The wines are robust and full-bodied, with a marked tartness and minerality that are characteristic of the rocky soil of Pelješac which is unique and with a high amount of iron oxide. This contributes to the distinctive aroma of the grapes, with a bit of a tangy flavour.

Some of the most famous red wines from Pelješac are Dingač, Plavac Mali and Postup, all full-bodied wines with rich flavour profile, deep ruby colour and aromas of dark fruit, spices, and herbs. Dingač, Plavac mali and Postup are best known for their complexity, balance, and long finish, making them favourites among wine enthusiasts.

The most popular white wine is Pošip, made from the Pošip grape variety, with a refreshing, crisp taste and notes of citrus and green apple.

But that’s not all Pelješac winemakers are offering. With the growth of wine culture Pelješac winemakers are not falling behind the trends, so together with well-known favourites some of the wines that are a must-try on Pelješac are also Rose and Oranges.

Pelješac’s white variety shines when made “red” through maceration, producing amber-colored wines with unique aromas, texture, and longer storage potential. Additional extraction through maceration makes them livelier, more intense, and fragrant, making orange wines an exciting game-changer for the future.

Rosé is made from the Plavac Mali grape variety, it has a delicate pink colour with mild fruity aromas and is ideal for hot summer days, slightly chilled.

All Pelješac peninsula wine varieties are worth exploring for their exceptional quality and unique taste. From the robust Dingač to the refreshing Pošip and the delicate Rose, Pelješac winemakers have something for every palate.

So while you’re searching for your next wine adventure, be sure to consider visiting Pelješac; you’ll feel like you’ve taken a step back in time to a simpler era, before the days of all the gadgets and hectic schedules, when good wine and a nibble was enough to lift your spirit and make you content.

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