The Story of Crvik Winery

A winemaking legacy based on rich heritage, passion and hard work

Crvik winery is a family-run business that has been producing top-quality wines for over 100 years, earning prestigious awards and praises along the way. With a strong focus on innovation and dedication to preserving local grape varieties, the Crvik family has built a legacy that will surely continue for generations to come.

The Beginning of a Wine Legacy

The roots of the Crvik winery can be traced back to 1500 when the Dubrovnik archives mention the death of Jakov Crvik. The Crvik family has lived in Konavle ever since, dedicating themselves to the cultivation of vines for several centuries. However, the production of wine began in earnest when the first generation of winemakers, led by great-grandfather Andro, built his wine cellar in 1897.

The second and third generations, continued the family’s wine production. In 1958, they planted a vineyard that still exists today. This vineyard became the centre of the Crvik family’s life, producing wine through a turbulent century. It wasn’t until the founding of the Republic of Croatia that the family began to seriously engage in wine production and bottling.

A New Chapter in Crvik Winery History

In 1993, Andro Crvik, the third-generation winemaker, turned a new page in the family’s history. He expanded production and built a modern winery, leading to a series of awards at various competitions throughout Croatia. This marked the beginning of a new era for the Crvik winery, one filled with innovation, growth, and recognition.

In 2006, Petar Crvik, Andro’s son and the fourth generation of the family, enrolled at the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb. He brought innovations to the production of wine and encouraged rebranding, winning awards at foreign competitions. Petar’s dedication to excellence and innovation has helped propel the Crvik winery to new heights.

A Picturesque Setting for Wine Production

The Crvik winery is situated in Konavle, a beautiful green oasis not far from Dubrovnik. The picturesque village of Komaji, nestled in a forest on the hills between Konavle field and the sea, provides the perfect setting for the Crvik vineyards. Small karst fields stretch from Cavtat to Vitaljina, offering fertile ground for grape cultivation.

Crvik grows a variety of grapes across its 12 acres of vineyards, including cabernet sauvignon, merlot, and plavac mali. The family is especially proud of their success in reviving the indigenous Dubrovačka Malvasia and white maraština grape varieties. As the production has outgrown the capacity of their own vineyards, the Crvik family also sources grapes from strictly controlled cultivation from surrounding subcontractors in the Konavle area.

Crvik Wines: A Testament to Quality and Tradition

The Crvik winery history is marked by a dedication to producing high-quality, award-winning wines that showcase the unique flavours of the Konavle region. The Crvik wines have received numerous awards at national and international competitions, including the Five-star gold and Wine of the Week title at Wine Stars for their Vilin ples wine, bronze at IWC London, and a grand trophy and championship award for red dry and semi-dry wines at the international Sabatina festival of winemakers and winegrowers.

Negromant Merlot barrique

This wine has found its perfect home in the red sandy soil of Konavle. The result is a robust body that exudes an abundance of aromas and scents of dark fruits. But that’s not all! This wine has been matured in barrique barrels, adding an extra layer of complexity and depth to its flavour.

Pomet Plavac Mali Slection: A Champion Red Wine

The Pomet Plavac Mali is another standout wine in the Crvik portfolio, winning bronze at DWWA 2016 for the 2011 vintage and being declared the champion of red wines at the 1st national wine judging – HGK 2015. The 2012 vintage was also declared the absolute winner at the Dubrovnik Festiwine 2015.

Tezoro Malvasija: A Silver Medalist

The Tezoro Malvasija 2015 won silver at the 2017 Decanter World Wine Awards in London, further solidifying the Crvik winery’s reputation as a producer of exceptional wines.

Vilin Ples, Cabernet sauvignon – Merlot – Plavac​

Konavle’s first Cuvée is a masterpiece, blending local Plavac with renowned varieties to create an exquisite wine. Bursting with fruit scents and dark fruit aromas, it boasts a strong body and light tannins. This wine is a testament to the region’s dedication to producing exceptional wines that are sure to leave a lasting impression on your palate.

Experience the Crvik Winery: Wine Tours and Tastings

A visit to the Crvik winery offers guests the opportunity to learn about the family’s rich history and dedication to the production of wine. Wine tours and tastings provide an intimate glimpse into the vineyards and winemaking process, allowing visitors to sample the exquisite Crvik wines first-hand.

Wine tastings at the Crvik winery often include a selection of local delicacies, allowing guests to experience the unique flavours of the Konavle region. This culinary journey, paired with the exceptional Crvik wines, creates an unforgettable experience for wine enthusiasts and food lovers alike.

The Future of Crvik Winery: A Continued Legacy

The Crvik winery history is a story of passion, dedication, and innovation. As the fourth generation of the family continues to push the boundaries of wine production and embrace modern techniques, the Crvik winery’s legacy is sure to endure for generations to come.

With a strong focus on preserving local grape varieties and a commitment to producing top-quality wines, the Crvik family has built a legacy that will continue to inspire and delight wine lovers around the world. Whether you’re a seasoned wine connoisseur or simply curious about the Crvik winery history, a visit to this exceptional winery is sure to impress.

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