Best Dubrovnik Quick Eats and Bars

Tasty, refreshing and affordable ways to enjoy the best of Dubrovnik’s gastronomy

Savour Dubrovnik without spending a fortune! This guide is your ultimate companion to discovering the city’s top quick eateries, bars, gelaterias, and patisseries. From tasty tapas and easy brunches to irresistible desserts and handcrafted cocktails, we’ve covered it all. With this guide, you’ll have a Dubrovnik gastronomic adventure to remember!


Lost in dubrovnik quick eats gaffe pub gallery 15

Irish Pub The Gaffe

Irish Pub The Gaffe, conveniently located just a stone’s throw away from the busy main street, Stradun, is the ultimate pub experience in Dubrovnik. The eclectic mix of heavy wooden tables and chairs, adorned with numerous sporty picture frames and subtle Irish details, create an ambience that is lively in a laid-back way, making it the perfect spot for a casual evening drink. At the Gaffe they serve gourmet pub food together with some local favourites, making The Gaffe a hidden gem for foodies looking for a relaxed setting to unwind and enjoy some delicious no-fuss food and a pint. The pub truly comes to life during live sporting events, with big screen TVs and enthusiastic fans cheering on their favourite teams. It’s an overall cool and casual place that is equally popular among locals and visitors.

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Lost in Dubrovnik Quick Eats Cantina Mexicana Chihuahua 09

Chihuahua Cantina Mexicana

Looking for a place to enjoy great food, delicious margaritas, and some cool live music? Chihuahua is the perfect spot for you! This Mexican diner is known for its delicious food, and it will probably have you coming back for more. During the day, the focus is primarily on their food, but as the sun sets, Chihuahua transforms into a lively party spot with locals and tourists mingling in a casual setting, while enjoying the sounds of their resident band playing live on Fridays or Saturdays. Together with classic Mexican favourites, their menu features rich Mexican tapas offer.

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Lost in dubrovnik quick eats mirakul gallery 03

Mirakul Pizzeria

This charming family-run pizzeria is a crowd-pleaser when it comes to their delicious pizzas and friendly service. Their menu features various pizzas that you cannot try anywhere else in the city, like pizzas with truffles, salmon pizza, or their signature dish Dubrovnik pizza, which is a fan favourite and combines mozzarella, prosciutto, and dry figs. Although they are best known for Napolitano style pizza, you can’t go wrong with any of the dishes from their menu. At Mirakul, you will not only enjoy a great meal at decent prices, but also a warm and welcoming atmosphere that will make you feel right at home.

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Lost in Dubrovnik Quick Eats Spaghetteria Toni 07

Spaghetteria Toni

Spaghetteria Toni is a charming Italian restaurant in the Old City, that has been a favourite for both locals and tourists for over two decades. It has a casual and friendly atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re dining in your own living room, and service is warm and inviting, adding to the relaxed atmosphere. The chef, Toni Đanić, is often seen greeting guests himself, making the experience even more personal. Their menu is filled with a great variety of typical Italian dishes such as homemade pasta and gnocchi, as well as other Mediterranean delicacies such as grilled food, antipastos, salads, and few delicious desserts. To complement the food, they offer a good choice of wines. Spaghetteria Toni is the perfect spot to enjoy cosy and authentic Italian dining in the heart of Dubrovnik.

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Lost in dubrovnik quick eats guloso gallery 02

Food Bar Guloso

Guloso food bar is a foodie’s paradise that offers a perfect blend of breakfast essentials and street food on a budget. This place has been a hub for food lovers for a few years now and the reason behind it is their delicious food. The menu is quite diverse, but the highlights are their gourmet burgers. Gospar, Guloso’s flagship burger, was crowned the best in Croatia during the Zagreb Burger Festival. However, their menu doesn’t end there since they offer fresh sandwiches, tortillas, pizzas, and a fair choice of vegetarian dishes. So, if you’re on a hunt for a perfect spot to satisfy your hunger fast, Food Bar Guloso is the place to go!

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Lost in Dubrovnik Quick Eats Peppinos 18

Peppino’s Gelateria

Summer in Dubrovnik officially starts with a scoop of carob&fig gelato from Peppino’s. This is a popular spot for both locals and tourists, known for its top-notch gelatos and stylishly decorated spaces. The gelateria has been serving customers since 2017 and has two shops located in the Old City. Whether you prefer a cone, cup, or a healthier and plant-based option, Peppino’s has something for everyone. On certain days, the line of people waiting stretches down the street, but everyone leaves satisfied. So, head to Peppino’s to kick off your Dubrovnik vacation the right way!

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Lost in dubrovnik pubs and bars cave bar more gallery 19

Cave Bar More

If you’re looking for a perfect beach bar experience than Cave Bar More should be on your bucket list. This amazing place offers everything you could ever want from a summer bar, from a morning coffee and light breakfast to an afternoon cocktail with snacks, or a chilled glass of champagne as the sun sets. With stunning interior design that spreads inside a cave, and a magical beach-side lounge area that provides breath-taking views of the sunset, Cave Bar More is the ultimate destination for those looking for the best Dubrovnik has to offer. They serve a great selection of coffees, cocktails, wines, spirits and champagne, as well as some delicious snacks that are available all day long such as burgers and tortilla wraps. Whether you’re into enjoying a bite to eat while swimming and soaking up the sunshine, or sipping cocktails as the sun sets, Cave Bar More is a must visit while in Dubrovnik.

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Lost in dubrovnik quick eats vegedub gallery 10


Vegedub is a cosy and welcoming spot in the heart of the Old City, serving healthy and delicious plant-based food. This eatery offers a diverse range of vegetarian and vegan dishes that are not only tasty and fresh but also promote sustainability and a positive impact on the environment since they focus on fresh, locally sourced ingredients. In addition to their food, they also offer a wide selection of beverages, including fresh juices, smoothies, and organic wines. And with their commitment to supporting the local farmer’s community and contributing to the local economy, you can feel good about enjoying the delightful flavours at the Vegedub.

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Lost in dubrovnik ice cream and pastries Gianni gallery 02 1

Gianni Patisserie

Gianni, an owner and head pastry chef at Gianni Patisserie, is an experienced pastry chef who worked at some of the world’s top venues, including Michelin-starred restaurants. His dream was however to to open a place of his own, so for a few years now he has run a small but charming shop in the heart of the Old City. His vision is to serve exceptional sweets, ranging from artisanal ice creams to mouth-watering creamy cakes and tarts. At Gianni’s, traditional and modern flavours are combined using high-quality, locally sourced ingredients. Every dessert is prepared from scratch, carefully balancing delicate aromas and elegant decorations to create a complete sensory experience, rather than just an instant sugar rush. The seating area is surrounded by ancient palaces and city walls, providing the perfect atmosphere for relaxing and enjoying artisanal desserts, accompanied by specialty coffee or craft beer. And, to make things even cooler, vegan and gluten-free options are also available.

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Lost in Dubrovnik quick eats Kiosk dubrovnik (9)

Kiosk Dubrovnik

Kiosk is a street-food bar that offers a diverse menu inspired by cuisines from around the world. They prioritize sourcing fresh, high-quality ingredients locally to ensure that each dish is bursting with amazing flavors. Despite using premium ingredients, Kiosk manages to keep their prices reasonable, making their food accessible to all. If you’re looking for a quick and delicious fix, be sure to check out Kiosk and indulge in their street-style global fusion cuisine.

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