8th Kontinent Trading Co.

A secret food room at the KAWA concept store

What started off as a month-long pop up shop to bring ‘comfort’ food & snacks to local expats during the height of Covid-19 lockdown, has become a permanent ‘secret’ food room, hidden in the back of Croatian concept store ‘Life According to KAWA‘.

The selection of food and authentic ingredients were curated by customer request. So you’ll find a bit of everything from everywhere.

Local school kids asked for and received the latest Tik Tok candy trends: Gatorade; Nerds; Pocky; Takis; & Flamin Hot Cheetos.

Jars of Kimchi & Korean instant noodles do battle with Cholula hot sauce & Laoganma Chili Crisp. Frozen wonton wrappers, Japanese gyozas, and ice cream Mochi chill with Kaffir lime leaf & lemongrass in the freezer. Peruvian Aji panca sit next to street style tortillas from Guanajuato.

It’s a strange mix. But somehow it works. 8TH KONTINENT TRADING Co. & Life According to KAWA is the only place in Dubrovnik where you’ll find the staple ingredients for Filipino, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indian, Vietnamese, Mexican, & Thai food. while also being able to support local Croatian artists & designers.

Shop local. Eat Global. Why not?